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The advancement of age and a greater percentage of the population living longer the problems with arthritic hip is a common problem and the solution depends on the patient’s age, cause and the type of hip replacement.

Hip replacement has progressed since it was invented by Sir John Charnley.  Present hip replacements will give near normal, pain free movement with a long term result of 90 – 95% for 15 years

Hip Procedures:-

Injections around the hip for:-

  1. Trochanteric bursitis
  2. Psoas tendonitis
  3. Sport injuries
  4. Non-specific hip pain

Hip arthroplasty:

Re-surfacing – since 2003 this was my choice of operation for young patients with osteoarthrosis.  In 2009/10 problems with metal ions Chromium & Cobalt has been identified though complications are 5 – 10%.  I now only re-surface a hip after the patient is made aware of all possible complications and informed consent has been obtained will I perform the re-surfacing.  Out of 250 hip re-surfacing procedures that I have performed the complications that have resulted are 4 patients with fractured neck of femur and 6 patients whose metal ions have been noted as high but asymptomatic and x-rays of the hip show that the prosthesis is excellent.

Cemented hip – since my training I have practiced Charnley’s followed by JRI followed by Exeter cemented total hip replacement.  All have a good result.

Over the years I have performed a significant number of these hip replacements; the result is the same as the national average result.  At present only 10% of hip replacements in my practice are cemented Exeter.

Non-cemented titanium and ceramic on plastic on ceramic on ceramic hip replacements – since 2006 the majority of my practice that is 90% at both Kettering General Hospital and the Woodland Hospital is this type of hip replacement.  Over the last 7 years I have performed almost 500 total hip replacements.

Mid-term result of 300 non-cemented hips has been presented with a 98 – 99% good to excellent result.  Prior to this I used to perform the non-cemented GRI from 1998 – 2007 which has had an excellent result for 90% of the procedures performed.