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The knee is a complex joint and over the years has to deal with a number of stress and strains from occupation, recreation and degenerative changes following the advancement of age.

A number of different operations are performed depending on the patient’s problem from arthroscopic surgery to a total knee replacement.

Conditions treated:-

  1. Osteoarthrosis
  2. Rheumatoid arthrosis
  3. Post traumatic arthritis
  4. Post menisectomy arthritis

Arthroscopic procedures:-


  1. Menisectomy
  2. Debridement
  3. Meniscal repair
  4. Ligament reconstruction (ACL reconstruction)
  5. Removal of loose bodies
  6. Knee replacement surgery

Types of knee replacement surgery:-

  1. Oxford uni-compartmental knee replacement mainly for medial compartment osteoarthrosis and patient age below 55.
  2. Total knee replacement, cemented AGC
  3. Vanguard mono-block and modular prosthesis
  4. Gender specific – male/female knees
  5. Signature knee – that is individual patient matched knee replacement
  6. Revision knee with constraint Endo-link prosthesis

Vanguard® Complete Knee System

Since 1987 I have a vast experience with AGC 2000 Total Knee Replacement (1100 knees over 20 years) – excellent result to date.

Since 2006 I changed to Vanguard Total Knee Replacement preliminary review of 360 knees showing excellent result.

Now I do primarily Vanguard Total Knee Replacement.

For further information go to http://www.biomet.com/patients/vanguard_complete.cfm