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Over the last 25 years I have a vast experience of total hip and total knee replacements. 

Total hip – initial experience with Charnley total hip (cemented monoblock) over 300 with excellent result.  Good number still surviving after 20 – 25 years with excellent result.

Due to policy of rationalising the use of prosthetics – change to cemented JRI and uncemented JRI.  Cemented JRI has poor result after 5 – 7 years, but uncemented doing very well even after 12 years (135 hips 10 year result of 90%). 

Exeter cemented hip has excellent result but from 2007 majority (90%) of total hip are now non-cemented HA-coated Exceed total hip 32mm ceramic head and E-poly liner Titanium shell and stem.

Recently reviewed 315 hips (98 – 99%) result present ISTA (Sydney October 2012).


“Do we need cement?"


Now 38 – 40% hips are non-cemented as reported in N.J.R.

At present my practice of non-cemented Total Hip Replacements 90%.  Cemented 10%.  Exeter excellent result.

Total Knee

Since 1987 I have a vast experience with AGC 2000 Total Knee Replacement (1100 knees over 20 years) – excellent result to date.

Since 2006 I changed to Vanguard total Knee Replacement preliminary review of 360 knees showing excellent result.

Now I do primarily Vanguard Total Knee Replacement.

Yearly meeting and conferences attended

  1. International hip meeting.
  2. London Hip meeting.
  3. London Knee meeting.
  4. BASK (British Association Knee Surgery) Conference.
  5. BESS (British Elbow and Shoulder Society) Conference
  6. Regular surgical meetings and clinical meetings at Orthopaedic Unit at Kettering General Hospital Foundation Trust.

Teaching and Training

  1. Medical students from Leicester Medical School.
  2. SHOs & Registrars